Friday, 27 April 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Ray Bradshaw

Who are you? 
Ray Bradshaw

What do you do? 
Born, bred and went to school in Sunderland. Art was my subject and I was expecting to follow a career path in it. I was studying 'A' level art but had a disagreement with the senior mistress having failed an English subject I was expected to pass. This resulted in a quick exit from school and into the nursing profession for which I remained for 38 years. On my 50th birthday I picked up an artist’s paint brush again for the first time since leaving school. I have not stopped painting since. In 2010 at the age of 55 I retired from the NHS and now paint full time. I love walking in the lake District and the Dales and my early work reflected this in landscapes. This developed into the inclusion of people into my paintings which to me added a story line and the opportunity of humour through these figures. I take my observations from Cities, Towns and the Countryside. Capturing events and the activities of people within those places. I try to portray the interaction of groups partaking in their pastimes and attendance at events, grasping the mood and moment, the individual, the crowd. My main style is simplistic, colourful with a splash of humour thrown in for good measure. Recently however, I have returned to landscape but kept the vibrant colours and simplistic style of art that I enjoy.

What's the most exciting thing you've done recently?
I have just had some Limited Edition Prints done, a Derbyshire Gallery have shown an interest and requested 6 individual prints initially. I have also just completed two new paintings which are a very different style to what I've been doing, they have received very good feedback.

Why do you do it?
After 38 years working in a very demanding occupation in the NHS I do not class my art as 'hard work' anything but! When I am painting I become lost in that world and lose track of time. The hardest part of this business is the marketing side of things which takes you away from the creative side of your work. That can be frustrating.

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