Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Art Heroes

Who are you?
Art Heroes is Daniel Clifford, writer, and Lee Robinson, artist.

What do you do? 
Art Heroes publishes all-ages comic books, and facilitates workshops that use comic books to engage young people in reading, writing and creativity. Art Heroes can also be commissioned to create material for other publishers and businesses.

What's the most exciting thing you've done recently?
Halcyon & Tenderfoot issue 1 was launched at Newcastle City Library on March 31st. We ran a Quick Comics workshop and held an talk about putting the comic together, which were both well attended. But the best part was receiving fantastic feedback from readers and the parents of young readers/workshop attendees. Some young people aren't interested in prose and our comics are designed to engage those people - seeing that working out is heartwarming.

Why do you do it?
The comic book industry has been shrinking for many years. Young people don't spend as much money on comics as 20-40 year old men, so the industry has stopped catering to them. We're making comics suitable for young people so that there are still comic book readers in ten years.
The workshops come from Daniel's struggles with reading as a youngster. Prose wasn't interesting to him - it's only through reading comics that Daniel developed his linguistic skills and graduated with 1st Class Honours from Northumbria University. Art Heroes aims to capture the imagination of similar young people through comic books and workshops.

Further Info:
ArtHeroes.co.uk is the place to go for further information, comic book preview pages and the Art Heroes online shop.

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