Friday, 4 May 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Eric Thompson

Who are you?
Eric Thompson

What do you do?
Since 1980 I have been exhibiting my watercolours all over England, Scotland and Dublin, as well as travelling to The Channel Islands to show my work for 20 of those years. Its these exhibitions that help develop your work as you get to meet more and more people who let you know what they like (and dislike) about your paintings. I built up quite a following of customers who collect my work especially in Jersey and Guernsey as well as making some good friends. I now exhibit my art through Bondgate Gallery in Bishop Auckland and sell Giclee prints from the originals all over the world. I run 3 watercolour classes which I really enjoy as the people who attend are very enthusiastic and great company. Its great when they see the finished result all framed up and realise what they can achieve.

What's the most exciting thing you've done recently? 
I've just had a one man show at the new Spennymoor Gallery which was very successful. Part of the exhibition featured 40 little watercolours of scenes from my childhood and these were well appreciated. I think the best part of the exhibition was when some of the local school children attended and I demonstrated some of my paintings and chatted to them about my childhood. They were full of enthusiasm and even brought their parents along later.

Why do you do it? 
I'm approaching an age where I should consider retiring but that's never going to happen. What with the gallery the art classes, and helping Lynn with the upcoming festival I've no time to retire. Besides I love painting watercolours, its my passion and I'm still learning.

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