Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Sarah Jane Oates

Who are you?
Sarah Jane Oates

What do you do?
Hello my name is Sarah Jane Oates (B/A Hons).  I am an established local Artist, living in the small town of Crook, gateway to The Dales.  I graduated several years ago from Leeds Metropolitan University, with a Fine Art degree.  I am also a care assistant, working in a nursing home, a job which I adore which influences my work daily.
I specialise in ink, sketching a wide variety of material.  Partially I enjoy creating people, with their emotions and feelings coming through the paper.  I am famous for my cartoons, inspired by Jim Davis’ Garfield, a character I began drawing at a very young age.  My Art also includes street scenes, cars, trains and motorbikes.

What's the most exciting thing you've done recently?
Current exhibition is The Royal Family, celebrating The Diamond Jubilee this year.  It includes a pencil portrait of the Majesty herself, along with cartoon portraits of the family.  Exhibition is on location, and is next to be moved to a permanent location in a Royal Tea Room, a new venture that is to open soon in The Dales.  Exhibition has been recently in local tabloids, along with my photo with local MP.
Furthermore, another Exhibition of my latest collection, Tribal, is to go on display in a gift shop in The Galleries in Washington.

Why do you do it?
I create simply because I love it.  An existence without creation does not bare thinking about!  Drawing makes me happy, content and realigns my inner charka's.  It makes the world a happier place, with it’s visual aesthetics, colour and dimension.  I love creating, and I believe it makes everyone happier too.  A room without Art and colour is a room without love.

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