Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Stables Art

Who are you?
I'm Collette Lau, originally from the Isle of Islay, situated in the west coast of Scotland. I'm now living in County Durham and have been here for 12 years. I live on a small holding with my family, and keep all types of animals, including horses and sheep. I have always liked living in rural and semi rural locations as doing so gives me the opportunity to explore all aspects of country life from the natural beauty from Mother Nature, and our spring lambs being born, to the darker side of death from wild animals hunting prey, road kill, to taking our lambs to the slaughter house. Therefore, enabling me to produce art work which is bright and happy - for display in the home, as well as dark art which is possibly better suited to being displayed in offices, night clubs, and other business premises. Sometimes my work is a mix of being both vibrant & bright, with dark undertones.

What do you do?
I experiment with and create pieces from all types of media, from acrylic and oil paint on canvas, to motor oil, coffee, dog fur, sheep fleece and textured paint, on dried animal pelts. I create animal characters, mostly of horses, sheep and cows. As well as modern works - both lively & vibrant, and dark & twisted. I have developed my own style of painting, and undertake both private and commercial commissions.

What's the most exciting thing you've done recently?
The most exciting piece I have recently finished is titled Pony Love. A loving, harmless looking pony character. Media: textured acrylic on box canvas. I created texture by layering the paint, and used silver metallic paint in the background which adds depth and feeling of coldness against the non metallic pony of red and orange tones. Painted in a semi expressionist style, due to the method of painting and the pony having a twisted head and face. This piece shows the happy, loving, loyal side of the pony - mixed cos with the darker side of the character - symbolised by the twisted head and face, and wild oversized eye. I really love this painting because of the dark undertones. To me the piece gives a feeling that there is more to this pony!

Why do you do it?
I paint and create unusual pieces, usually with underlying dark tones, and a dark meaning because this is the 'category' I feel most comfortable in. I feel we are all dying day by day - whether we are a super cute furry bunny, or hard faced domineering human - along with my thoughts of 'art is an expression of self'. Mixed together these trains of thought lead to my twisted, deep and dark works. I enjoy expressing myself through art. I display some work in Talkabout in Spennymoor, and in Laus in Wolsingham Market Place. However I’m mainly based in my art studio at home which has a very basic and rustic feel, being a loosely converted horse stable. Here I am happiest. Here I enjoy my own company. Here I can lose myself in my creations.

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