Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Neil Bage

Who are you?
Neil Bage

What do you do?
Neil was born in County Durham, spending most of his childhood and youth outdoors, where he developed an interest in drawing. Photography was a natural progression, and Neil quickly established a preference for black and white landscapes and seascapes, taking inspiration from the beautiful scenery of the local area.  

Neil is self-taught and is not confined by the established 'rules' of photography, which has allowed him the freedom to explore and develop his own style. 

Neil is a perfectionist, with an artistic eye for a photograph, keeping only images that he feels are of exhibition / sufficient quality. All prints are processed in a professional photo lab using state-of-the-art equipment. He has worked closely with the lab to ensure that they fully understand his exact requirements, ensuring that they always achieve the very best results. 

Why do you do it?
Neil explains, "Photography enables me to capture those special moments that I only experience once in a while. I enjoy visiting an area and establishing a 'feel' for the place. I might go back several times before I encounter the perfect conditions to capture the essence of the place. I invest time wandering around the area until I feel that I know it really well, seeking out an alternative perspective to make my images unique."

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