Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Wreckonize

Who are you?
We're Chris and Joe aka Wreckonize, part of a larger crew called WHK

What do you do?
We dance, eat, teach, stretch, dance...that's pretty much it!

Why do you do it?
Because we love it! Its never boring, every day we're teaching or dancing in a different place. Also watching our students improve and grow as people, and seeing what they come up with on their own inspires us and teaches us things we might not have thought of. What's the most exciting thing you've done recently? Mastering a new move is pretty exciting, it brings the possibility of new combinations and ways to link what you already have. Chris has been getting some nice flares lately and I'm starting to get 90's after trying for a long time.

Further Info:

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